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ISBN numbers, is a unique international identifier for (book) publications.
International Standard Book Number ISBN can be ordered from Wordna.com
First click the Add To Cart button below
Make payment and fill this form Here
In the Message Field Provide
Method of Payment:
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Book Title:
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and click Complete order button
Your order will be verified and your ISBN will be sent to your email box.

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You can get an ISBN in Nigeria for your printed books and e-books from www.Wordna com.

How do I apply for ISBN through Wordna Publishing?
International Standard Book Number can be ordered from Wordna.com by following few steps:

1. Create Account or Login to Wordna.com account
2. Visit this ISBN Order page and Click [add to cart] button at the right
3. Fill this form Here and Upload your Manuscript, provide required information and complete order.

– The processing service charge is NON-REFUNDABLE.
– Should not be more than 100 pages on A4 format.
– Receiving ISBNs does NOT guarantee reviews on wordna.com.
– There is no service fee to process all ISBN applications.
– Express processing involving delivery in less than eight days will attract an additional fee.
– Allow 14 working days for ISBN orders, Starting from the time the processing.
– Express services would involve an additional fee of N4500 per ISBN for delivery within four working days.
– Here the type of Image clip with ISBN Number will be delivered within 14 days to the email address you used when you placed order for the ISBN.

– All Express services charges are Non-refundable.
– 100% excellent service satisfactions guaranteed. There is no hidden Service fees.
– Use correct name, email address, to fill your Registration details.
– It is better to fill all the provided Space in the order form

1. How long does it take for my ISBN from wordna.com to be ready and how long does it take to get an ISBN from Wordna Publishing?
it takes Fourteen (14) working days from the date of order, excluding holidays.

2. Do books need an ISBN if they are not going to be sold on wordna.com?
It is desirable that ALL books are identified by ISBNs.

3. Does a change of format require a new ISBN?
Yes, different formats need different ISBNs.

4. I am revising a book. Does it require a new ISBN?
A significant change of text requires a new ISBN. If revisions have been made it should state on the verso of the title page that the book is a revised edition and the new ISBN should be printed there.

5. Does a reprint without change of text or binding require a new ISBN?
No, not if there is no change of text, format, or building that would justify a new ISBN.

6. Do I need a new ISBN when I am reprinting a book with a new title?
Yes, a new title requires a new ISBN.

7. I am publishing a book with another Publisher. Whose ISBN should appear on the book?
In the case of a joint publication, an ISBN is assigned in the name of the first publisher in the list.

8. I am not a Publisher – can I still obtain an ISBN?
Yes, when your book is ready order for an ISBN for you book title and a wordna staff will contact you to expedite your ISBN request.

9. How much does it take to get my ISBN Delivered to me from Wordna?
There is a service fee to get Expedited ISBN applications Processed.
The More the number of ISBN needed the lesser the Processing Fee.
1 ISBN= N9, 500

Need more information about ISBN and ISSN Click Here


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