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Download Nigerian Vehicle Change of Ownership Template and make changes or adjustments to suit your condition.
A Vehicle change of Ownership agreement is a letter of request to transfer a motor vehicle that is owned by a specific party to another party. Included in this agreement is the justification of the transfer request along with the benefits the previous property owner would get for the transfer. This Car change of ownership agreement template is mainly for motor vehicles, and most suitable for Nigerian use.



Components of This Car Change of Ownership Agreement
Much like any other transfer letters, Vehicle Change of ownership must consist of necessary components to make them legal.
Here are some of the essentials this change of ownership contains:
• It should include the date that the transfer is effective.
• It should list specific changes that coincide with the change of the ownership.
• It should include instructions for the compliance with the new owner’s terms.
• It should state that the transferor/seller has sold the Vehicle to the transferee/buyer.
• It should contain the new owner’s contact information and amount of security deposit funds the former owner has transferred to the new owner.
• It should be short, precise, and clear.
• Verbal communication beforehand is key to be able to work on a transfer letter.
• Though it is an internal letter, grammatical, and punctuation errors should be avoided.
• Though it is an internal letter, grammatical, and punctuation errors should be avoided.

Why Use Our Nigerian Vehicle Change of Ownership Templates?
The change of ownership agreement can be downloaded more than once. There are a lot of templates out there, but you can be sure that our templates provide detailed and accurate information that can guide you into filling up the correct facts. Here are other reasons as to why our templates are a great choice:
• It is editable and results in a high-quality document.
• It ensure consistency and clarity of details.
• It aids in selling or Buying a Vehicle correctly.
• It can be sent, emailed, shared, and received.
• It increase flexibility.
• It is simple.
• It saves lots of time.

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